• Location

    Weligam Bay Mirissa is located in the village of Mirissa on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, approximately 45 minutes drive from Galle towards Matara. It is located on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean and there are only a few places in Mirissa to rival its location. This sleepy little village located away from the popular commercial tourist towns is home many attractions that are enveloped around its environs. Its close proximity to key tourist towns makes it an ideal stop over as you explore the deep South. The many things one can do, and the fascinating place one can visit make Mirissa a compelling location.

  • Transportations
    Koggala to Galle 14 km
    Weligama to Galle 24 Km
    Mirissa to Weligama 6 km
    Weligama to Koggala 10 km
    Mirissa to Matara 11 km
    Galle to Mirissa 33 km
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