• Things to do
    Whale and Dolphin watching
    Mirissa has received worldwide recognition as a top location for whale watching where one can see frequent sightings almost right throughout the year just a few miles off shore.
    Diving and Snorkeling safaris
    Diving and snorkeling safaris are conducted by experienced instructors to see sights of mesmerizing reef fish, corals and underwater world including some ship wrecks.
    Water Sports
    Weligama, Mirissa, and Ahangama are considered ideal destinations for lovers of water sports and sporting activities like water skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing, canoeing, snorkeling, sailing, deep sea fishing, sports fishing and sea cruises will delight even the diehard water sports lover.
  • Things to see
    Whale and Dolphin watching
    Mirissa has received worldwide recognition as a top location for whale watching where one can see frequent sightings almost right throughout the year just a few miles off shore.
    Devil Dancing
    Traditional Devil Dance, a Southern Sri Lankan special can be witnessed in Weligama. Known for its healing powers, Devil Dancers are invited to help speeding up the recovery process of illnesses. A myth negated by modern science certainly is an event to be seen or even participate.
    Weligama Bay
    Weligama Bay is a spectacle on the Southern coast that has to be experienced by foot. Walk on the rocky terrain to the splashing waters of the sea, speak to local fisherman and see small boats moving to and fro
    Snake Farm
    Visit a Snake Farm located approximately 14km from Weligama on the Akuressa Road, and accompanied by experienced guides see around fifteen different kinds of snakes, including some enormous pythons, as well as some nasty-looking spiders wandering freely  in a natural environment.
    Turtle Hatchery
    Visit a Turtle Hatchery and see how the Turtles are conserved and released to the sea with the help of volunteers to curtail the sea turtles from being extinct.
    This unique style of fishing involves casting their lines seated on a rest on a sturdy pole 20-50 meters into the sea. These types of fisherman are quite a sight as they are seen only around Weligama a few minutes away from Mirissa.
    Lace makers
    Lace making is a popular cottage industry down south particularly in Weligama where local women practice this age old craft to generate a supplementary income. These intricately woven lace garments are sold in tourist shops and very much sought after by discerning customers.
    Koggala Lake
    Koggala is home to the largest lake in the island, Koggala Lake is an un-spoilt ecological haven. The small islands scattered in the lake is ideal for bird watching at sunset and contains rocky islands & fringed mangroves and provides the backdrop for a unique experience.
    Polhena Beach
    The Polhena Beach in Matara is about 7 km from Mirissa is a superb bathing spot enveloped with a coral reef. The lush greenery and trees that adorn this area make it a very pleasant location to relax and align with the local culture.
    Madol Duwa
    The much loved Martin Wickremasinghe’s children’s novel “Madol Duwa” put this minute unknown island on the cinematic map and since then created a somewhat of a cult following and made famous in literature. The island is surrounded with mangroves and contains fauna and flora and is the natural habitat of reptiles and birds.
  • Places to visit
    Galle Fort
    Galle has its own mystique and attractions including the world famous Galle Fort, a UNESCO designated world heritage site. Many important buildings, including hotels and restaurants are housed within the Fort and one of the few remaining living Fort’s in the world.
    Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum – Koggala
    This folk museum captures the essence and ideologies of Martin Wicramasinghe, one of Sri Lanka’s celebrated writers of the twentieth century. Among the memorabilia exhibited include writers personal collection, photographs and objects related to traditional Sri Lankan life.
    Kustarajagala Rock Carving
    Kustarajagala is situated about 1200 meters northeast off the coastal town of Weligama and legend has it that it depicts a potential future Buddha. The rock carving dates back more than 1500 years and is surrounded by myth and mystery.
    Matara located 11kms from Mirissa and is a large metropolitan town centered around the Dutch built “star” Fort, town square, a large Buddhist temple central to the town, Nilwala river, and the beautiful lighthouse in Dondra. Some parts of Matara still carry forward the charming architecture of the bye gone era.