The Hotel

Weligambay Villas Resturant

Revive. Rejuvenate. Relax. This Mirissa hotel have enough and more to adjectives to describe the simple pleasures of the pollution free breezy holiday set amidst an enchanting environment. Sometimes, the stage is too good to be true and this Mirissa accommodation encompasses a surreal panoramic picture and makes you feel as if you are part of a plot to capture the allure of one of the finest hotels in Mirissa.

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Weligambay Villas- Bar

Tastefully constructed on a cliff, 20 meters above sea level overlooking the turquoise blue ocean this exotic sanctuary gives a panoramic bird's eye view of the surrounding bay. Unwind by the pool, take a stroll on the sandy beach below and enjoy good food in a stunning altitude while being attracted to the magnetism of the horizon.

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Whale Watching

Whales Wathing in Mirissa

Sri Lanka has received many accolades as a sought after destination to see whales and dolphins and an almost year round activity favoured by locals and foreigners alike. Whale watching has put little known villages like Mirissa in the spotlight and with good reason. Mirissa is not off the beaten track; just a few miles off Galle will get you to Mirssa and not outlandishly far off from Colombo.

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